Just because your engine oil is dirty, doesn't mean that it can't have other uses.


When the check engine light comes on, drivers may suspect an expensive repair looming on the horizon. However,


Tires are critical to your car's handling and performance. It's important to outfit your vehicle with tires that


When you're out on the road with an electric car, the last thing you want to happen is a break down. Who would do the repair?

Auto Repair in Philadelphia, PA

We Invite You To Trust Us

Are you seeking hybrid car repair in Montgomery, County, PA? Do you need automotive electrical work in Bucks County?  The team at Savage Automotive invites you to trust our knowledge and technical expertise.  Savage Automotive is a family auto repair business founded over 40 years ago in Philadelphia, PA. We have an established customer base that keeps coming back to us for automotive electrical work, brake repair or just routine auto maintenance. In addition to serving the City of Philadelphia, we specialize in offering electric car repair in Bucks County. Our responsible team is ready to serve you!

We use the Most Advanced Equipment in the Auto Industry

At Savage Automotive, our talented and highly trained technicians use state-of-the-art equipment to diagnose automotive electrical problems and computer problems in hybrid vehicles. Whenever possible we fix component parts instead of replacing entire parts to save you money.  Twenty repair shops and three new car dealers call themselves customers of Savage Automotive.  We pride ourselves on our equipment. In fact, our shop is more technologically advanced than most other auto repair shops in the Philadelphia, PA or Bucks County and Princeton, NJ area. You won’t find anyone else in the area that does what we do.

Continuing Education is One of Our Top Priorities

At Savage Automotive, technicians are committed to continued education. We set the bar high and we never stop learning. In fact, our staff travels all over the country to receive the latest industry training. We also offer in-house courses for our technicians.

Our Service List is Extensive – and It’s Guaranteed

For brakes and automotive electrical repair on hybrid vehicles in both Philadelphia and Bucks County, you can count on us for educated, quality repairs. Beyond the fixes we do for hybrid cars, like electrical work and computer diagnostics, we also perform standard maintenance for any vehicle. Additionally, if your check engine light is on and you’re in Philadelphia or up in Princeton, NJ, we have the diagnostics and the training to repair your car and get you back on the road quickly.

 If you need an oil change in Philadelphia, a brake adjustment, or electrical work on your hybrid, stop by Savage Automotive. We’re not far from Bucks County or Princeton and our shop is easily accessible from major highways.


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