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Check Engine Light in Philadelphia

When the check engine light comes on, drivers may suspect an expensive repair looming on the horizon. However, with the right technical team on their side there’s no need to panic. Savage Automotive, with over 40 years of repair experience, can diagnose and repair your vehicle for drivers in Bucks County, Montgomery County, and Philadelphia, PA, down to the state of Delaware, and up to Princeton, NJ.

What is an Engine Light Check?

Basically, when we do an engine light check, we use a set of sophisticated tools to diagnose any issues with your engine or transmission. These tools tell us a lot. They read codes from your car’s computer that reveal important things. For example, we learn if your engine is burning too much oxygen, if your air flow sensor or spark plugs need to be replaced, or if the problem is as simple as a loose or damaged gas cap. It’s critical to get it diagnosed quickly if the light is illuminated on your dash.

Why is it Important to get your Engine Light Checked?

The way your engine runs affects its efficiency. If you are experiencing slow, sluggish acceleration, there may be a problem with your engine. Importantly, fuel efficiency might be compromised if there is an engine issue. A malfunctioning transmission could create hazards for yourself and others. Our certified technicians in the Bucks County and Princeton, NJ area suggest taking your car in for a diagnostic should you notice the light is on. We assure you that our diagnosis tools are the best the industry has to offer. Remember, the earlier you get it checked, the better.

What will happen if I Put Off Getting the Engine Light Checked?

On the wild and fast roadways, a stuttering vehicle is a dangerous vehicle. Any delay in your vehicle’s performance could get you into an accident. There is a reason that the light is illuminated. The fix could be simple. But if the problem is more complex, a timely diagnostic will help you save money. Repairs down the road could be much more costly. Why not bring your car in for a diagnostic today?

Need a diagnostic? We can check your “check engine light” at our Philadelphia location. We also do hybrid car repair for drivers that live in and around Bucks County, Montgomery County, and Delaware.

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