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Low Rolling Resistance Tires in Delaware, Bucks & Montgomery County, PA

Located in Bucks County, Montgomery Country, or Delaware and looking to increase your car’s fuel efficiency? Visit Savage Automotive. We are your complete resource for hybrid car diagnostics and fuel efficient tires in Delaware, Bucks County and Montgomery County, PA.

Are Low Rolling Resistance Tires Right for Your Vehicle?

Tires are critical to your car’s handling and performance. It’s important to outfit your vehicle with tires that enhance its features. Savage Automotive has the technical expertise to evaluate your vehicle’s tires and make recommendations on the best choice for you depending on your driving needs and your performance expectations. We use the most sophisticated tools in the trade at our state-of-the-art auto facility.Dedicated to continuing education, Savage Automotive also has the most educated minds in the auto repair business from Princeton to Philly to address your vehicle’s performance.

Why Choose Low Rolling Resistance Tires?

The reason many drivers choose a hybrid car is fuel efficiency. Low rolling resistance tires are typically considered the fuel efficient tire of choice because they maximize the output of the vehicle’s driving range. Simply put, low rolling resistance tires help increase a vehicle’s energy. A competent set of tires increases fuel efficiency so your tires roll smoothly and acceleration doesn’t drag. Standard tires need more energy to roll. But low rolling resistance tires use less energy to travel distances.

What is Life Span of Low Rolling Resistance Tires?

Well, the answer to that question depends on how you drive your vehicle, how often you check the air pressure and balance the tires, regular tire rotations, and also the quality of the tires you buy. That said, it’s generally known that the shallower tread of these tires leads them to be replaced more often than conventional tires. They can also be more expensive than standard ones. However, rising fuel costs over the long run show that the savings in fuel will balance out the cost of the tires. According to the Energy Information Agency, the average American drives over 12,000 miles a year and consumes an average of 550 gallons of fuel. Edmund’s, an informational resource on vehicles, says that the total cost of ownership for low rolling resistance tires can be 8% less than convention tires when fuel savings are accounted for.

If you need auto repair service or maintenance for your electric or hybrid vehicle and are located in Montgomery County or Delaware, Savage Automotive is at your service!

We also repair electric and hybrid cars in Philadelphia, through Bucks County and into Princeton, NJ!

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