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Oil Change in Philadelphia, PA

The Environmentally Sustainable and Conscious Choice for Oil Changes in Philadelphia

Just because your engine oil is dirty, doesn’t mean that it can’t have other uses. Did you know that used motor oil can be used to generate electricity and heat? When we change the oil in vehicles at Savage Automotive, we are very conscious about what we do with the waste. In fact, we use that oil to heat our shop during the cold winter months with a specialized waste oil heater. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that millions of gallons of used motor oil are improperly disposed of every year. Make the environmental choice by supporting a business that puts recycling used motor oil at the forefront of its operations. If you are in Philadelphia and need an oil change, visit Savage Automotive today! We service your car from Bucks County to Princeton, NJ and down to Delaware!

How often do you need an oil change? An oil change is recommended every 3,000-5,000 miles. After months of use, a vehicle’s oil becomes contaminated with debris. As an engine runs, debris and particles pass through the filter into its engine and oil. The debris needs to be cleaned out by changing the oil and replacing the filter. Regular oil changes extend engine life by ensuring the vehicle is properly lubricated. Clean oil keeps your engine clean and operating at its maximum potential, so you don’t need to worry about costly engine repairs in the future. If you live near Philadelphia and need regular maintenance or an oil change, we can do the job and get you back on the road fast.

Benefits of An Oil Change:

Better Gas Mileage – A dirty engine is a poorly performing engine. Proper, clean lubrication and friction enable an engine to run more efficiently.

Longer Engine Life – Just like working out is good for the longevity of our bodies, running your vehicle on clean oil keeps it in service longer.

Oil is the lifeblood of the car, and the most important maintenance a customer can perform.If you need an oil change in Philadelphia or even up to Princeton, NJ, we are at your service. Visit Savage Automotive today!

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