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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Cars and Winter

Well, we don’t think anyone on the east coast has any doubts that winter has well and truly arrived. With that in mind, we thought it would be useful and important to remind everyone about some of the basic maintenance and usage tips that concern winter. After all, using your car in cold temperatures can damage it badly if you aren’t paying proper attention to crucial details. Fluids You should in general make sure to check all your fluids in preparation for winter driving weather, but if the temperatures turn truly cold you should pay special attention to a few specific ones. First off, make sure to fill your antifreeze. And remember not to mix the colors of the liquids. You can also get windshield wiper fluid designed specifically for winter use. That means it withstands certain temperatures without freezing, and you can continue to use your windshield wipers as usual. Winter-specific windshield wiper fluids will give you a temperature range that they work in, going all ... read more


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