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Monthly Archives: November 2016

The Lowdown on Low Rolling Resistance Tires

If you drive a hybrid vehicle, chances are you value efficiency. As discussed in a previous blog, hybrid vehicles are efficient as they provide great savings on fuel, are eco-friendly, increase eligibility for tax incentives and yield a high resale value. At Savage Hybrid Shop, we not only provide quality hybrid repair for the Dover, DE region, but we also inform drivers about different ways they can stay safe, take care of their vehicle and save money. That is why we recommend switching to low rolling resistance tires. These tires maximize savings and are quite impressive. Wondering what they are and how the save you money? You’ve come to the right place. Rollin’ Rolling resistance is the force required to keep tires going at a certain speed. Under-inflated tires have a higher rolling resistance, which causes your car to work harder to deal with inertia and aerodynamic drag. Low resistance rolling tires use less energy to travel distances. ... read more


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