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Monthly Archives: July 2016

What to Know About Hybrid Battery Conditioning

It’s almost time to head to your parents’ house for their annual Fourth of July cookout. Your wife has finished making her potato salad. The kids are all awake and ready. You run into your garage to grab a wiffle ball bat and soccer ball for the competitive family games that will ensue. Everyone is buckled in and ready to go. You turn your key to start your car, but instead of hearing your hybrid vehicle come to life, you are greeted by the sound of clicking and sputtering. You optimistically twist your key again, but to no avail. It looks like you might have to eat your potato salad at home. You can avoid this issue by getting hybrid battery conditioning at Savage Hybrid Shop, the leader in hybrid repair in Dover, DE. Hybrid battery conditioning can help you avoid getting a replacement. You may have a number of questions about this process.Why should I get hybrid battery conditioning? Hybrid battery conditioning will help make your battery l ... read more


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