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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Basic Car Maintenance

We love fixing cars but we also don’t want to see our customers waste money on repairs that could’ve been avoided with basic maintenance. And, surprisingly, many people aren’t aware of every item we would put on our list of the most basic things to check, maintenance and keep an eye on as a car owner. Whether you’re a person struggling with a check engine light in Delaware or a driver with an overheated engine in Philadelphia, we can help you with your car troubles, but we also want to help you avoid them if possible. So here are some basic things that will keep your car in good working order for longer. Check Tire Pressure Regularly Just because your tires look like they’re correctly inflated, doesn’t mean they are. Tire pressure should be checked weekly. It’s easy, doesn’t take longer than a few minutes, and it can make a big difference: tire pressures affect fuel economy, handling, comfort and, in the worst case scenario, even safety. S ... read more


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