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Monthly Archives: May 2016

Telltale Signs You Need a New Engine

The sun is shining. There is hardly any traffic. Your windows are rolled down with the music blaring. Your ride to the beach could not be going any better. Looking through your rearview mirror, you start to notice a cloud of smoke coming from your tailpipe. Your trip to the beach has been rerouted to the local mechanic. Engine repair can empty your wallet and take up your time. There are usually a number of telltale signs you can catch before your engine problem worsens. Smoke – As mentioned earlier, smoke is a common sign that you need your engine repair. There are three different colors of smoke — white, black, blue — that can give you a hint of what is wrong. White smoke could show a blown head gasket, black smoke can inform you either a high or low level of fuel in the combustion chamber and blue smoke proves that there is an engine oil leak. Don’t ignore this smoke! Noise – Strange noises coming from anything usually tip you off to a problem. This is true with ... read more



7 Tips for Warm Weather Drivers

The warm weather of the Spring and the dog days of the Summer will be here before you know it. When the weather heats up, it’s inevitable that people will be spending more time on the road, driving from one destination to the next. Below, are seven things that you should be more aware of to ensure the protection of yourself, as well as your family, as the temperature—slowly but surely—begins to climb. Children will be taking full advantage of the warm weather throughout the Spring and Summer, so you should be increasingly cautious while driving, especially in neighborhoods. Drivers are urged to expect the unexpected and always be prepared to stop quickly to ensure the safety of playing children. Construction projects are always in full operation when the weather heats up. By obeying the required speed limit while driving through construction and maintenance zones, you’ll help to assure that workers aren’t at risk of a driving fatality. Congestio ... read more


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