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Monthly Archives: October 2015

How to Get the Best MPG from Your Hybrid

A hybrid car is already, on its own, a very fuel-efficient way to drive: the best MPG numbers for hybrid cars are as high as 120-130 in the city and 100-110 on the highway. However, even with hybrid cars there are ways to drive and use the car that will give you even more miles per gallon. As one of the leading companies for auto repairs in Philadelphia, we like to think we know a little something about cars and hybrid vehicles, so we put together a short list of tips for fuel-efficient hybrid driving. The list has suggestions we recommend you keep in mind, even if you can’t follow every one of them all the time. Avoid Extra Weight We understand that using your car trunk as a mobile storage unit can have its benefits, but you should also always remember that any extra weight in a regular or a hybrid car will have an effect on the MPG, as well as the car’s overall performance. We recommend going through your trunk every now and then t ... read more

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