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A Smooth Ride: Energy Efficient Tires

There are a variety of extra features for Hybrids that increase energy efficiency, and low rolling resistance tires are a popular one. Tires are the main component that make the car go – without them, vehicles can’t function. Hybrid cars are designed to be fuel efficient, which makes them a likeable choice for many drivers. Low rolling resistance tires increase the fuel efficiency of Hybrid cars in a variety of ways. We at Savage Automotive offer low rolling resistance tires and tire services for Hybrids, and we have seen how much our customers enjoy the smooth ride of their new upgrade. Energy efficient tires are definitely worth the money savings in the long run.

How They Work

With low rolling resistance tires, your car will not be dragged when it accelerates, which saves a significant amount of fuel. These wheels work by minimizing the vehicle’s needed rolling effort, which requires less energy. The value of the rolling resistance force divided amongst the wheel load decreases the use of power and fuel. Your hybrid’s driving range will increase using energy efficient tires because of the recycled rubber materials they are made out of as well as the tread design. Unlike standard rubber tires, low rolling resistance tires allow Hybrids to travel long distances using up less energy. Although we have seen more low rolling resistance tires on Hybrids, it is no surprise to us that more and more mainstream vehicles are opting to use them as well.

What They Do

When you switch your Hybrid to energy efficient tires, it makes for a smoother drive while improving the environment. The tires reduce the carbon emissions of your vehicle, which helps the Earth’s air remain fresh to breathe. Less heat is also generated as the tires yield their energy, which also plays into the eco-friendly factor. In addition, the circular grooves in the tread of the low rolling resistance tires channels water away, which enhances wet traction on the road.

Top-notch Tire Service

If you are interested in upgrading your Hybrid to low rolling resistance tires, come on in to Savage Automotive for an evaluation. We’ll inspect your vehicle to let you know what the best decision is for your choice of energy efficient tires. We are the experts in Hybrid models, so we know all of the ins and outs! Our experienced technicians use the most innovative tools in the Hybrid car industry to service your vehicle.

As a Philadelphia Hybrid auto facility, we also conduct brake repair. In addition, if you are in need of an oil change in the Philadelphia area, visit our shop today at Savage Automotive!


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