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Environmentally Sound: Making the Right Choice for an Oil Change

At Savage Hybrid Shop, we are a leading choice for trusted auto repair in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. Drivers come to us for a variety of services such as electric and hybrid repair, low rolling resistance tires, check engine light repair, PA state inspections, brakes, electrical issues and oil changes.

An oil change is perfect for extending your engine’s life and helping your vehicle get better gas mileage. We recommend that you come to us for an oil change every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. During that time frame, debris infiltrates your vehicle’s oil, eventually passing through the filter and into the engine. This debris can be cleaned out of your engine by replacing the filter and changing the oil.

A dirty engine can result in poor performance and costly repairs down the road. It is vitally important to keep your oil free of harmful debris and engine properly lubricated. In addition to making sure that your vehicle’s oil is up to par, we go a step further with environmentally sustainable and conscious practices.

We make it a point to be environmentally conscious when it comes to disposing of waste. We gather the motor oil that we take from cars and use it to heat our shop during the cold winter months with our specialized waste oil heater. This keeps used oil from polluting our water and soil. This is important as the Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 200 million gallons of used oil are improperly disposed of each year.

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment for an oil change in the Philadelphia area or want to learn more about our environmentally responsible practices, we encourage you to contact us. You can make the responsible choice and choose to get your oil changed by Savage Hybrid Shop by calling us or filling out a contact form on our website.


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