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Follow the Light

After ordering a medium-sized caramel iced coffee, you roll out of the drive-thru, and something on your dashboard catches your eye. You glance down and are immediately filled with dread. A little engine with a sunny hue makes your day darker.

Whenever the check engine light comes on, you should always seek assistance from Savage Hybrid Shop, the leading hybrid repair service in the Wilmington, DE region. Although this warning light is alarming, we can diagnose the issue and provide you with an affordable solution. Here are five possibilities out of many reasons for why your check engine light is appearing.

  1. Faulty Oxygen Sensor – Your oxygen sensor assesses how much unburned oxygen is in your vehicle’s exhaust system. Eventually, a buildup of ash from oil covers the sensor and provides incorrect data, which could spell damage for your catalytic converter and spark plugs.
  2. Damaged Spark Plugs – Spark plugs that take in high-voltage electricity at one end and create a spark, which ignites gas and air mixtures in the combustion chamber to help power your vehicle. Ignoring damaged spark plugs can cause reduced power and fuel economy, a clogged catalytic converter and damaged ignition coils.
  3. Failing Catalytic Converter – A failing catalytic converter can be costly. Catalytic converters transform carbon monoxide and other harmful gases into carbon dioxide. Issues with your catalytic converter can cause your vehicle to get poor gas mileage, run at a higher temperature and not pass an emissions test. These problems can be caused by issues with your oxygen sensor, spark plugs and mass airflow sensor.
  4. Problematic/Missing Gas Cap – Yes, your gas cap can cause the check engine light to appear. If it is loose, cracked or missing, your fuel vapors can escape and cost you more money paying for gas.
  5. Declining Thermostat – Your vehicle’s thermostat regulates the engine’s temperature by controlling the flow of coolant. Unfortunately, your thermostat can become corroded and consequently fail.

If you receive the check engine light, bring your car to our shop. We utilize the best diagnosis tools to pinpoint your vehicle’s problem properly. Don’t hesitate; follow the light and get your car looked at by our team of skilled technicians. Ignoring this can negatively alter your car’s performance and perhaps cause an accident.

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