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Four Reasons Why You Should Get Your Hybrid Inspected

How healthy is your hybrid vehicle? Most of the time, drivers do not take their car to the auto shop unless an issue with the mechanics has surfaced, or they need a regular oil change. Regular maintenance, such as battery conditioning and tire rotating, is necessary for the vehicle to continue running well, but an overall checkup is also just as important. Due to the high voltage of the wiring and complicated electrical features of the hybrid vehicle, owners can only do so much on their own to inspect their car. Experts recommend that electric cars be brought to the auto shop for a checkup at least every six months or every 6,000 miles.

Compared to gas powered vehicles, hybrid cars require special care but less maintenance. There are many benefits to taking your electric care for a routine inspection. Hybrid vehicles depend on their batteries to run and, unfortunately, they do not last forever. Knowing the status of your hybrid’s battery through a professional inspection will ensure that your vehicle is running well. At our auto shop, we specialize in servicing hybrid vehicles and have conducted hundreds of diagnostics, maintenance and checkups for drivers all around the Philadelphia region. If you are reluctant to bring your electric car in for a checkup, we provide four reasons why you should.

  1. A Professional Knows Best

By bringing your hybrid in for routine checkups, your mechanic will know the ins and outs of your vehicle so that he can provide the best diagnostic. There are areas in your vehicle that can be dangerous to check yourself, which is why you should let a professional do the job for you. When it comes to the deeper electrical aspects of the vehicle, a hybrid specialist will use their knowledge and skills to carefully check the elements.

  1. Prepare for Changing Seasons in Temperature

Extreme hot or cold weather conditions can take a toll on your hybrid vehicle. When the seasons change, it is highly recommended to have your hybrid inspected to make sure it will be able to handle the changing climate. The mileage and emissions of your electric vehicle can be affected by the time it takes for the engine to reach regular operating temperature. Making sure that the generator and storage battery is working properly for the season will ensure that your car performs well.

  1. Prevent a Breakdown

Aside from regular maintenance, a routine inspection will avoid any breakdowns that may occur in the future. Having your car routinely checked allows problems to be detected in advance so that they can be assessed right away.

  1. Elongate the Life of the Hybrid’s Parts

A major advantage to routine checkups is allowing the parts of the vehicle to last longer. Every repair and maintenance that is performed by a routine inspection helps the vehicle stay healthy. The best way to elongate the life of your hybrid (especially the battery!) is through a professional inspection.

Bring your hybrid to our shop near Philadelphia, PA, for an oil change or routine checkup. We are the gurus of maintaining hybrid cars!


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