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How is Hybrid Maintenance Different Compared to Regular Vehicles?


It is not uncommon for motorists who drive regular gas powered cars to perform their own minor maintenance on their rides, such as a simple oil change. However, performing do-it-yourself maintenance for hybrid vehicles is much more complicated because of their engineered components. Many hybrid drivers can easily change their spark plugs, check their fluids and replace air filters, but the sophisticated electronics that make up the car can make advanced vehicle maintenance tasks more difficult. We at Savage Automotive specialize in conducting maintenance service for hybrid vehicles and are here to keep your car in top condition.

Leave the hard maintenance elements of your hybrid up to us at Savage Automotive! When you are unsure of how to care for your hybrid, our expertise in electric vehicles can accomplish your car needs. When maintaining your hybrid, it is good to be aware of the ways that your vehicle is different compared to gas-powered cars.

  • Don’t touch the wires of your hybrid unless you know what it is. The wiring system reaches all the way to the engine compartment, even though the battery may be obscured in the trunk or hatch.
  • Some hybrids must have their tires replaced with low rolling resistance tires.
  • Too much heavy weight in the hybrid’s cargo can cause a decrease in the fuel economy.
  • The new synthetic weights of hybrids is common specifications such as 0W-20.

With these differences in hybrids noted, hybrids in general do not require additional maintenance compared to regular vehicles. The amount of maintenance of your hybrid depends on what your driving habits are, just like a regular car. A hybrid vehicle still has the same components as a gas-powered car, but with the addition of an electric system. There are a few exceptions of maintenance for hybrids that separates them from regular vehicles.

Less Oil Changes

The electric motor of a hybrid does not go through as much wear and tear as the engine of a non-hybrid car because the gasoline engine is offered a break from the motor. Due to this aspect, hybrid cars have a lower risk of engine failure and can endure longer time periods between oil changes.

Brakes That Last Longer

In a hybrid car, the brakes experience less heat and friction because of the regenerative braking feature. The regenerative braking system collects the energy lost when the car slows down to provide energy for later use.

A Large Battery System

The batteries in hybrids are designed to last much of the vehicle’s lifespan and many come with warranties that cover them for long time periods. However, unlike regular vehicles, hybrid batteries are built for a distinct number of charge and discharge cycles, so at some point it will need to be replaced.

There are many differences in maintenance between a hybrid and non-hybrid vehicle, but a dealership is not the only place that a hybrid can be serviced. If you need your hybrid maintained, bring your car on over to us at Savage Automotive to receive high-quality service by our hybrid-knowledgeable technicians.


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