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Maintenance Tips for Your Hybrid Vehicle

Prevent Your Hybrid from Damage

Every vehicle needs to be properly maintained in order to avoid mechanical issues. Compared to regular gas fuel cars, hybrids have features that already allow it to be durable and long lasting. However, as an auto shop that specializes in hybrid services, we also encourage vehicle owners to perform routine maintenance. Hybrid maintenance is pretty much similar to standard vehicles because they require upkeep of all major systems. Money is saved when time is taken to carefully maintain your hybrid, which also allows it to last much longer.

In a hybrid, the transmission and electric drive motor are combined to work together as a whole, so when one fails, so does the other. That’s when you would need a team of auto professionals like us at Savage Automotive to repair it. We understand that routine maintenance on all of your hybrid’s systems as a whole can be a hassle. But if you know how to properly check them all, it can be well worth it.

Maintenance Advice

Some maintenance advice to follow is to perform some basic inspections, such as checking and rotating the tires. All tires should have the correct tire pressure for smooth riding as well as have good tread quality. You should always monitor your battery since it is a main power source of your hybrid. Every 20,000 miles, check the brakes of your hybrid to make sure they don’t need to be replaced. If you need an oil change in the Philadelphia area, take it to a hybrid professional like us at Savage Automotive. Like all other fuel vehicles, your oil filter should be routinely changed every 3, 000 miles. Finally, when you inspect the car parts under the hood, stay away from the orange covered areas because they are wires that are susceptible to high voltage and could harm you if you attempt to maintenance them.

For an all-over maintenance service and check up on your hybrid vehicle, bring it to us at Savage Automotive. We have the tools and expertise to provide high-quality care and brake repair for your hybrid in the Philadelphia area. Call us or request an appointment through our website.


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