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Oil Change: Why, When, How?

Oil change is usually considered the most important part of basic car maintenance. Most of us have been told repeatedly and by many how important it is, but we still face a lot of customers who are not sure how often to change their oil or why exactly it needs to be done. That’s why, as one of the premier providers of car maintenance services like oil changes in Philadelphia, this month we wanted to talk a little about the importance and practicalities of oil changes.


A basic oil change consists of taking out the old oil and replacing it with new oil, and often also replacing the engine oil filter. The importance of oil is based on the fact that it is what lubricates the various moving parts in the engine that rub against each other, and it also absorbs heat, which prevents overheating.

As time goes by, the heat that the oil is exposed to breaks it down until it becomes gummy or watery, which diminishes its ability to lubricate or absorb heat. The more time goes by, the worse the situation gets, until the engine is in serious danger of getting damaged. Changing the oil before it’s too late will give you a well-functioning engine with better gas mileage and a longer lifespan.


The interval between oil changes depends on a multitude of factors, from your driving habits to the make and model of your car. Generally, the best thing to do is to check the owner’s manual for the interval recommended by the car manufacturer. For many cars, the recommended interval is 3,000-5,000 miles. High-speed driving habits or a climate that’s particularly hot, cold or dusty may require you to change oil a bit more often, but generally the best option is to follow the recommendations in the owner’s manual.


Changing oil can be a time-consuming and dirty process, which is why most people choose to have a mechanic or other business do the oil change for them, especially since it’s not an expensive operation. If you’re interested in hearing more, we offer outstanding oil change services and would love to answer your questions.


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