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Regenerative Braking

Hybrid vehicle auto shops such as Savage Hybrid Shop that specialize in brake repair in Philadelphia, PA as well as oil changes, engine repairs, wheel alignments and overall maintenance encourage drivers to learn more about regenerative braking systems:

Some of these braking systems are completely electric and allow hybrid or electric vehicles to capture and utilize the kinetic energy that is usually entirely lost with traditional braking systems. When the regenerative brakes are activated at lower speeds, the braking circuit switches the motor so that it works in reverse and the wheels slow down due to generator resistance. This allows the motor to channel the energy that is normally released with the friction of traditional braking systems—which can waste close to 30 percent of the vehicle’s created power. The energy is captured and stored in high-voltage batteries where it will soon be recycled. Regenerative braking systems are designed to make use of the momentum involved when a vehicle comes to a complete stop. By allowing the momentum to remain present within the vehicle, it will save your vehicle energy and will be subsequently used for the acceleration process.

These braking systems help to lower the overall consumption in hybrid or electric vehicles and, as a result, reduces their carbon footprint. The range of electric vehicles is increased through this phenomena—leading to a more suitable vehicle for everyday use. Hybrid and electric vehicles will save fuel and help to limit emissions of CO2 and pollutants, mostly in urban driving environments where there is continuous stopping and starting at stop signs, street lights, and crosswalks. This innovative design takes advantage of the energy that is emitted while braking instead of allowing it to disappear. The maximum conversion of energy encourages many drivers to invest in these vehicles because of the better gas mileage that it provides. The fact that it will increase fuel efficiency and uses state-of-the-art technology to collect and channel energy—instead of disposing of it—should inspire any driver to invest in a hybrid or electrical vehicle.

Companies such as Savage Hybrid Shop—which is located at 6700 Frankford Avenue in Philadelphia PA—specialize in the repair of hybrid and electric vehicles. Their talented and highly trained technicians use innovative equipment to diagnose and perform electrical system modifications and brake repair in Philadelphia and surrounding regions.


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