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The Benefits Of Driving An Electric Car

There are many benefits to driving an electric vehicle, perhaps the most prominent of which is saving money on gas. Depending on which electric car you purchase, you can cut your fuel costs in half. Plus, if you have renewable energy at home, you can plug in and charge your car for free. With gas costing an average driver around $100 every month, you can save several thousand dollars in the long run by investing in an electric vehicle.

Financial Incentives

But the cost-savings don’t stop there. You can apply for state grants and tax reliefs, depending on where you live. These can include tax incentives, VAT rebate, free parking, free recharging stations, or exemption from congestion charges. There might also be business incentives for recharging facilities. Some areas provide reserved or free parking for electric cars. Check with your local authority for what privileges they offer for different types of electric vehicles before buying.

Peace & Quiet

Electric vehicles are much quieter than their gas-guzzling counterparts, which results in a more peaceful driving experience. For those of you who commute to and from work in your car every day, this can make a huge difference. If you prefer to listen to music or talk-radio, you won’t need to set the volume as high to make up for the sound of the engine.

Fast, Not Furious

Unlike gas-powered cars, electric cars maintain the same torque at all speeds. You won’t need to change gears. In fact, they don’t even need gear boxes or torque converters. They have full power capability at all speeds, offering a smooth ride right from the start. This feature is ideal for stopping and starting while driving in a city or traffic.

Less Repairs

In mechanical terms, they are quite simple. There are fewer things that can go wrong. Primarily, you’ll need a reliable battery. Other than that, there is less wear and tear to worry about and fewer parts that you’ll have to replace over the years. You’ll still have to replace the battery every four years or so, but you won’t have you won’t have to pay for engine service, mufflers, oil changes, radiators, water pumps, etc. If your job requires you to drive to and from Philadelphia, auto repairs will occur less frequently than if you were in a gas-powered car.

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