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The Latest Hybrid Vehicle Models

In the Unites States, residents are well aware of hybrid vehicles such as trucks, four-door sedans and hatchbacks. Many drivers own a hybrid vehicle and have taken advantage of the fuel efficiency that it offers. Around the world, however, new hybrid vehicle models are surfacing and being utilized for industries and public transportation. Taking note of these vehicles can allow us, as hybrid fans, to look forward to what’s to come in terms of the hybrid vehicle industry. It is only a matter of time before more hybrid models become available to the U.S.

As a well-renowned hybrid vehicle auto shop, we aim to stay up to date on all of the latest trends of the hybrid market. We couldn’t help but notice a few new models that have been released overseas that are already operating as a useful tool for transportation. Here we take a look at some of the newest hybrid vehicle models that are fully functional and on the road.

The Drive e0 PP03 One Megawatt AWD Battery Electric Race Car

Although there are a number of electric race cars in existence, this electric racer is the first to qualify P1 overall at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in Colorado. This year’s competition occurred on June 28th and featured the Drive e0 on the Latvian team, which was driven by Kiwi Rhys Millen. The electric racer was built by long time champion Nobuhiro Tajima and Rimac Automobili to create a 1.1 MW AWD. It is considered one of the fastest electric racer cars to make history.

Electric Double-Decker Buses in London

The recognized transportation company in London, TFL (Transportation for London) has teamed up with BYD Company Ltd, an international electric vehicle leader to create electric powered double decker buses. For a while, it was believed that making an electric double-decker bus would be impossible because of the battery pack size required to run it. The world’s first electric double decker bus is being constructed using the latest innovative technology of the hybrid market. The bus would help reduce the amount of emission vehicles that travel within the biggest cities around the world.

Electric 18-Wheeler Trucks Complete First Test Drives

Large trucks have been developed that are fully hybrid models. Recently, the BMW Group and the SCHERM Group have taken up a 40-ton electric truck to transport material on public roads in Munich, Germany. The BMW Group is the first automobile manufacturer in Europe to operate with a hybrid truck. The electric truck is a model from the Dutch Manufacturer Terberg that will go into the operation of the company by traveling eight times a day between the two companies. The truck helps with improving the environment and runs quieter than emission trucks. The truck battery requires about three to four hours to charge.

At Savage Automotive, we can’t help but wonder if more new electric models will also be available to consumers at one time or another. We keep ourselves educated in electric vehicle trends to ensure we can provide topnotch service to our customers. We proudly service the Philadelphia region with hybrid auto repair.

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