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What Causes the Check Engine Light to Turn On?

Check Engine Light

All vehicles are manufactured with the check engine light feature. Although car owners tend to dread it, the light is an important warning that the car needs maintenance or repair. The ironic aspect about the light is that the issue of the car isn’t necessarily the engine itself that is malfunctioning – it is usually the parts of the car that have a connection with the engine. So when cars are brought into Savage Automotive for a diagnosis, we don’t just simply check the engine. We investigate and inspect all of the vehicle’s parts. We’ve formed a list of the top five car issues that are associated with the check engine light.

Loose Gas Cap – If the gas cap is missing or loose, the fuel system becomes exposed and pressure cannot be maintained. Gasoline fumes get released into the atmosphere when the car isn’t being driven and fuel is lost.

Catalytic Converter – The catalytic converter becomes damaged due to maintenance neglect. If this part gets broken, it won’t be able to convert carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide, which can be extremely toxic.

Spark Plugs

Oxygen Sensor – Unburned oxygen in the car’s exhaust system gets measured by the oxygen sensor. If this part breaks, damage can be caused to the spark plugs and the catalytic converter.

Spark Plugs – Poor vehicle performance derives from worn spark plugs. The plugs carry the electric spark that are used to ignite the car and kindle the fuel mixture in the combustion chamber.

Mass Airflow Sensor – Faulty mass airflow sensors cause damage to the spark plugs and catalytic converter. It determines how much fuel is needed to run the engine properly by measuring the amount of air.

If the check engine light is on, chances are it could be one of these mechanical problems. To get your check engine light diagnosed in the Philadelphia area, check us out on our website for more information.


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